Artour Mitski
"Earthlings are a most peculiar breed."


  • Social Sciences and Languages of East and South East Asia
    • MA (Hons.), Doctoral Researcher, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London;
    • The Earth Chapter, The Intergalactic Mission for the Studies of the Social Forms of Carbon-Based Life.

  • Lecturer and Tutor in: Social and Critical Theory for Sociology and Anthropology, Qualitative Research Methods, Japanese and Thai languages for GCSE, A-levels, undergrads, MA's, PhD's and adult learners.

  • Core strengths:

    • Classroom communication: I can explain social theory in plain English, by way of metaphors, allegories, paradigm tables as well as Zen Buddhist kōans.

    • Interdiscplinary strike zone: I have taken 26 university courses in Anthropology, History, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Qualitative and Quantative Research Methods, Sociology, Psychology, Psychosocial Studies, Art History, Linguistics and, yes, languages.

    • Language enthusiast. Did I say I love languages?  

    • Uncharacteristically for a PhD student, I'm actually interested in studying the Philosophy of Science.

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