Artour Mitski
"Human earthlings are a most peculiar breed."


  • Social Sciences and Languages of East and South East Asia
    • MA (Hons.), Doctoral Researcher, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London;
    • The Earth Chapter, The Intergalactic Mission for The Studies of The Social Forms of Carbon-Based Life.

  • Lecturer and Tutor in: Social and Critical Theory for Sociology and Anthropology, Qualitative Research Methods, Japanese and Thai languages for GCSE, A-levels, undergrads, MA's, PhD's and adult learners.

  • Core strengths:

    • I can explain social theory in plain English by way of metaphors, allegories, paradigm tables as well as Zen Buddhist kōans;

    • I have a truly interdiscplinary strike zone, having attended 26 university courses in Anthropology, History, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Qualitative and Quantative Research Methods, Sociology, Psychology, Psychosocial Studies and Art History;

    • I'm a language man (scroll down for more);

    • I'm actually interested in and studying Philosophy (not a given for PhDs, mind you!)
  • Interests: transdisciplinary methodologies in social sciencesteaching social theory, the social life of money and finance, urban ethnography, "depth psychology",  the anthropology of religion and spirituality, medical anthropology, understanding the human condition.

  • Area of specialisation: East and South East Asia.

  • Current research focus: the lived experiences and identity formation of Japanese transnational migrants in Bangkok (an arbitrary drop of water whereby to understand the ocean).

  • Main influences: Jean Baudrillard, Karl Jung, Michel Foucault, Jacques Lacan, Pierre Bourdieu, Mikhail Bakhtin, Eric Berne, Karl Kapp (well, not very original here, mostly dead white men) and also Arjun Appadurai, Kit Davis, Paul Farmer, Mel Spiro, Harumi Befu and many more.

  • Languages (fluent spoken and written): English, Japanese, Thai, Russian, Dutch. As an afterglow of my linguistic training, I'm also very much into dialects: Kansai, Isarn and Cantonese, wish I had more time for you these days! 

  • Languages (decent reading comprehension and limited fluency): Chinese, Laotian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian.

  • Other professional skills: cross-cultural training, psychological counselling, project management.

  • Actively pursued hobbies: travel writing and photography, foodism, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, gardening.

  • Favourite pastimes: hot spring hogging, wine tasting, bread-making, exploring food markets, fastidious gluttony, TV defenestration, taking pictures of azulejos around the world.

  • Contact: artour.mitski[AT]

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