Artour Mitski
"Earthlings are a most peculiar breed."

  • Title: Doctoral Researcher

  • Affiliation: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; The Earth Chapter, The Intergalactic Mission for the Studies of the Social Forms of Carbon-Based Life.
  • Field: Social Sciences and Languages

  • Area: East and Southeast Asia.

  • Teaching: Anthropology, Sociology, Social Theory, Japanese and Thai

  • Interests: research methods in social sciences, teaching social theory, the Philosophy of Science, the social life of money and finance, urban ethnography, "depth psychology", understanding the human condition.

  • Current write-up focus: the lived experiences and identities of Japanese transnational migrants in Bangkok.

  • Working proficiency in: English, Japanese, Thai, Russian, Dutch. As an afterglow of my linguistic training, I'm a big dialect buff. Kansai, Isarn and Cantonese are by far my favourites.

  • Decent reading comprehension and limited fluency in: Chinese, Laotian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian.

  • Professional skills: cross-cultural training, psychological counselling and group therapy facilitation, project management.

  • Contact: artour.mitski @

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